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      Fleas are annoying to my cat and dog, but do they also pose a health risk?
      Yes, fleas can trasmit several diseases and...
      How do I know which of your various flea and tick products is right for my pet?
      Hartz recommends an integrated pest management system which...
      Are Hartz flea and tick topical drops as good as those that the vet recommends?
      Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® topical drops are...
      How long do fleas live if they go untreated?
      The average adult flea life span lasts...
      How long do ticks live?
      The life span of a hard shell tick is...
      Are the fleas you find on cats and dogs the same species of flea?
      There are several types of fleas in the world that...
      Can flea and tick products be used on any animals in the household?
      No, products should be used on the...
      How long after application can my pet be bathed or go swimming?
      We recommend that you keep the dog or cat from...
      Will my cat or dog experience any side effects from using topical flea and tick products?
      Some reaction may occur after using any...
      My friend recommended wearing rubber gloves when shampooing our dog and cat with your flea & tick shampoos. Is this a good idea?
      Although it is not necessary to wear rubber gloves, some people...
      Our dog and cat are outdoor animals and hang out with other people's pets. Should I use flea and tick products as a preventative measure?
      Yes, fleas and ticks expose your pet to numerous...
      Will a flea problem ever just go away by itself if left untreated?
      No, in fact, if left untreated your problem will...
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