• Miraculous kitten endures 6,500-mile trip in freight container
      Miraculous kitten endures 6,500-mile trip in freight container.
      Miraculous kitten endures 6,500-mile trip in freight container
      July 19, 2012

      A group of individuals at a Compton-area business in Los Angeles were recently astounded to hear the tiny cries of a three-month-old kitten after their shipping container was delivered. According to the New York Daily News, after calling animal control and tracing back the journey of the container, animal welfare workers concluded that the small cat must have wandered into the crate and gotten stuck. The only problem? The container had just finished a journey across the Pacific Ocean from Shanghai, China, to Los Angeles, a distance of nearly 6,500 miles. For nearly 21 days, the little feline had no food or water, but somehow managed to survive all that time and is finally in the care of animal health professionals.

      After being initially guarded and afraid of his caretakers upon arriving to the Carson Animal Care Center, the Los Angeles Daily News reports that the kitten, which the shelter staff named "Ni Hao," (which means "hello" in Mandarin) has started to open up and interact with the staff. Ni Hao has begun to steadily gain weight and has even started to play and jump around like a normal kitten.

      Because Ni Hao came from China, the cat will be forced to stay in quarantine for 60 days while he is examined for potential ailments and monitoring for any cat wellness issues. Ni Hao is too young to be vaccinated quite yet, so it will be a few weeks before he will be ready to take a trip home with a new family. Luckily for him, Ni Hao's story has become a bit of a viral sensation, so there will be plenty of eager families ready to line up and adopt the lucky cat.

      "We will continue to provide the best care for Ni Hao, eventually looking for a suitable foster home then finally a permanent family to call his own," Marcia Mayeda, director of the county department of animal care and control, told the news source.

      Ni Hao's incredible story shows just how resilient cats can be when faced with impossible odds and the stroke of luck that he had to be found by animal health workers. The lucky cat's story has captured the imagination of many Los Angeles residents, and there's a good chance he will find a loving home sooner rather than later.